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Skin Repair





We understand how important your skin, body and hair are to you. We also know how much it means for you to take care of them. That is why at Skin Repair Wellness & Aesthetics, we make use of the best skincare technology has to offer and the best skincare products to ensure that your skin, body and hair undergo a positive transformation.


Our licensed beauticians have the treatment and product expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. They are on ground to provide you with professional advice on the best products and treatment plans for you.


We constantly evaluate and ensure that our technology is up to date. This is in order to realise our desire to help you meet your skincare needs in a well equipped and serene atmosphere.


We look forward to helping you achieve your skincare goals.

  • To provide a wide range of services that will position Skin Repair Wellness & Aesthetics as a major skincare beauty centre for all those who desire to look good.

  • To take part in activities geared towards promoting a general and good health status for the skin, body and hair of our customers.

  • To initiate and carry out research on the latest technology that will fulfill the health and beauty needs of our customers.

  • To provide a conducive environment for the growth of employees, their job satisfaction and safety so as to achieve the goals and mission of Skin Repair Wellness & Aesthetics.



Our Core Mission

Skin Repair Wellness & Aesthetics is a recognised group of beauty centres where your skincare needs will be met by professionals. Adapted to meet the concerns and preferences of every client, each customised skin care and wellness journey is created under the careful guidance of our team of expert Aestheticians and specialists at the centres. They are well-trained to provide you with the best quality of service, in a manner guaranteed to make you feel welcome and at home.


Our commitment to innovation, quality and service, is reflected in each product and treatment. We carry an extensive collection of essential skin and body care products from renowned and selected brands which caters to the various needs of our clients.

Customer Reviews

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